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Grow your Audience using Instagram Reels

As a business owner, you are probably tired of being told about how you should be taking advantage of Instagram Reels. So, we are going to show you why you should!

Instagram launched the Reels feature in 2019 and gained more traction as TikTok became more popular. People were quick to realize that Instagram Reels had a higher reach and are now being pushed out more than ever as Instagram's algorithm adapts to the new age of video content.

What does this mean for business owners?

This means that by taking advantage of Instagram Reels, you can reach a whole new audience of people interested in your product or service! This doesn't mean just posting any video possible that you have as a Reel in hopes that you go "viral". Your content still needs to be high-quality, valuable, and authentic to your brand.

Let's look at the data, shall we?

Below you will see real (or should we say...Reel😉) 90-day analytics from clients after implementing Instagram Reels. The algorithm is favoring video content and will push Reels out to more people which has resulted in a 400% increase in accounts reached for our client! This is just 90 days. Can you imagine what this could do for your accounts in six months or even a year?

There are many factors that go into creating a Reel such as formulating ideas, creating a script, the setup, and just finding time to film. If you are ready to start taking your business' social media to the next level by implementing Reels, let us help you in the process! We will provide everything you need to be successful in creating your video content to save you time and still be able to create high-value content for your audience.

Contact us to learn more and let's GROW! 🚀


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