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Blossm Overhauls  Client’s  Social  Media  Presence  to Enhance Reputation & Save  on Recruitment

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

About The Client

Our client is based in the Midwest, USA, and has been an industry leader in the Lumber Distribution and Wholesale and Supply Chain Solutions business for over 50 years. The company prides itself on providing quality service and competitive pricing to its customers ethically and competently. They ensure all underlying processes are executed with integrity, complete transparency, and risk mitigation and, as a result, have continued to be successful despite their struggles with online reputation. Their main goal in working with Macy and the team at Blossm Social was to maintain that integrity throughout their entire online presence.

What Were Their Challenges and Goals?

Word-of-mouth only goes so far these days, and our client suffered from a poor online presence which wasn’t doing them any favors in acquiring new talent, business partners, or clients. They were dealing with false rumors about the business going under and at the time, didn’t have a marketing team to handle PR and social media efforts.

They searched for a solution to their online concerns and ultimately chose to work with us because we take ownership of clients’ projects and pay attention to detail. The Blossm team fosters seamless and genuine partnerships with our clients by always acting as an extension of their company and keeping their best interests in mind. All companies know they need to have social media presence, but we ensure our clients are fully educated on how social media can overhaul their brand image and deliver tremendous ROI in both the short and long term.

The goal is for our storytelling and relationship-building efforts to enhance our client’s reputation and make future communication with their customers much clearer. We want our clients to become top-of-mind for their prospects, so we implemented our three-pronged approach designed to maximize effectiveness across their social media channels.

1. Increase frequency and quality of social media posts to generate organic engagement, develop relationships with new connections, and build a network of brand ambassadors who could vouch for Our Client’s services. 2. Improve SEO ranking for organic traffic to their website and social landing pages. Create high-impact, reader-friendly, and keyword-optimized content to drive new clicks, find new leads, and drive additional conversions. 3. Leverage improved online reputation to source new candidates for hire. They wanted to fill numerous empty positions within the firm and wanted credible, reputable candidates to funnel through their application portals. Solutions Implemented

The team at Blossm took control over our client’s entire marketing strategy and began to implement changes right away. Instead of their previous posting cadence, about one social post per month, we began posting fresh, exciting, and informative content to their various channels at least four times per week to add value to our customers and prospects.

Our primary focus was on LinkedIn to garner the attention of professionals and relevant stakeholders in the wholesale distribution industry. We updated all company information, photos, logo placement, and branding to make the customer journey unified and seamless. We then educated our client on social media best practices to prevent future situations where their reputation could be questioned. Needless to say, they’re now armed with the knowledge and tools to combat these types of issues moving forward.

I created SEO-optimized social media content to direct followers to their blog to drive organic search appearances and website clicks. All content I created was geared towards painting the vision and actions the company was taking for their business transformation. This provide readers with a much clearer view of what their business truly stands for. Incredible Results! With Blossm’s involvement, our client now has a social media and online presence that closely matches the actual quality of the work, product, and services they offer. Their social media presence is now vibrant, relevant, and constantly churning out engaging content. Against the odds, we made reading about wholesale lumber distribution and supply chain solutions fun, productive, and easy to digest. Our client’s brand and reputation are thriving and, as a result, has led to business expansion opportunities that were never possible without the change in social media management. Since we took over their channels, our client has been contacted on numerous occasions by prospective strategic business partners, banking institutions, and venture capital firms looking to expand their portfolio and invest. They’ve even been approached about a potential acquisition as thought leaders in supply chain discipline. Rather than constantly combatting their false, negative reputation, they’re leveraging social media to become the go-to in their industry, and the data shows just how impactful our work has been.

On just LinkedIn, from August 2020 to August 2021, their Follower count increased from 415 to 1,350 (more than 3x) using only organic content. Engagement stayed consistent at nearly 10% the entire year despite the significantly increased volume, and total impressions more than tripled from 4,600 to 15,234. We’ve driven 1,288 clicks to our client’s website from social posts on the LinkedIn Platform in just the last month alone.

Our client’s brand is buzzing, and people are taking notice. Because of our work, customers and partners — both in and out of the wholesale industry — cheer for our client online and have become ambassadors for their brand.

Not only did our involvement impact their reputation from a B2B development standpoint, but we also were an engine for growth in their recruiting efforts. This past year, they’ve saved significant amounts of budget on recruitment because the social media following has grown so substantially. Due to the high engagement from their various channels, they filled a range of positions, including entry-level salespeople, operational leadership roles, and even upper-management without spending a dime on headhunting or outsourced recruitment. Candidates now regularly bring up their perception of their culture and positive thoughts on what they’ve seen online. They believe (and hear) that our client profoundly cares about their team members and will treat them with respect and fairness.

We’re proud to continue working with them on scaling their online efforts and know there’s plenty of room to grow together. This is only the beginning, and we’re confident that our client will continue to evolve and scale with the help of our strategies and guidance.

Hear From Our Client Directly

“Before working with Macy, we did not own our story. We did not own our message. We had external folks driving that narrative for us, which was inaccurate or inconsistent with the real message, the message we wanted delivered.

Our business was fine, but our message was in a state of crisis… So we “took control” of our story, shaped it in a way that was consistent with what we were doing (change is never easy), and then put the marketing/social media presence in overdrive for new targets /new markets.

"Engage with Macy. Trust the process. Hand over the keys and get out of the way. Be responsive and let Macy/Blossm do the heavy work and critical thinking for you!” -Will Weed, CEO

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